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In addition to Linen yarns, Kingdom is also spinning Hemp yarns and the annual capacity of 100% Wet Spun Hemp yarns is 4,000MT currently. The Hemp yarn market is growing rapidly due to increasing global preference for natural and sustainable fabrics.

Natural Cultivation

Hemp fibre is obtained from the bast of the plant Cannabis sativa L. Fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, or fungicides are not needed for cultivation leading to the yarn being as good as organic cultivation. Hemp is the longest (1 – 3 m), strongest (10 times stronger than cotton) and the most durable of the all the natural fibres.

Absorbent Fibres

Hemp’s absorbency allows it to accept dyes readily and retain colour better than other natural fibres, including cotton.


Hemp yarn’s Count Strength Product (CSP) reaches up to 4500 which is stronger and more durable than any other natural yarn, including Linen. The result is that hemp has a longer lifespan than other natural fabrics.

Qualities available

Counts – Ne 15 to Ne 36 equivalent to 44LEA to 100LEA.

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