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We have partnered with the finest quality yarn mill in South India - Lambodhara Textiles Ltd to conceive a blend of Refined Bleached Flax Fibre with Lyocell (Lyocell fibres are derived from sustainable wood sources).


Linen (flax) fibre is a natural fibre which breathes and offers superior breathability and comfort. Linen is highly sustainable as linen cultivation typically uses much less harmful pesticide and fertilizers that cotton does.

Lyocell is produced by processing eucalyptus wood. Scientifically, they are described as regenerated cellulosic fibres. That means they are composed of cellulose (a compound which gives plants their stiffness) that has been extracted, dissolved and then realigned to make a fibre.

This plant-based chemical structure is what gives these textiles their desirable properties, such as a natural next-to-skin softness, breathability and good moisture management. Keeping the focus on sustainability, we have realised the strengths of both Flax and Lyocell and produced this intimately blended yarn.

This blended yarn is given the trade name of LINCELL. Fabrics made from Lincell yarns retains the look, sheen, creasing and feel of linen and the handle, drape of Lyocell, complementing each other.

Qualities available

Counts - Ne 3.6 to Ne 36 equivalent to 10LEA to 100LEA of Linen Yarns.

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