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We represent world’s biggest and best quality 100% Wet Spun Linen Yarns manufacturer Kingdom Holdings Ltd, China in this part of the world including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka as their exclusive business partner. Kingdom Holdings Limited is a Hong Kong based company which holds four spinning units in China. The total production capacity of Kingdom at these four spinning units is 22,000MT 100% Linen Wet Spun Yarns per annum. Kingdom offers whole range of Linen yarn counts from 10Lea to 100Lea- 100% Linen Yarns in Semi Bleached, Natural and Full Bleached Optics.

Kingdom has their own Organic Flax Plantation and is the only Linen Yarn Manufacturer in the World which offers Organic Linen Yarns with GOTS Certification up to 800MT annually.

It has been certified not only by ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system, but also by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 ecological textile testing. Moreover, it obtains Global Organic Textile Standard certificate (GOTS) and BSCI certification of the European social responsibility system. Kingdom has also been qualified as the member of both Zero Discharge Association of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) and American Fair Labor Association (FLA).

In addition, Kingdom has invested in Ethiopia for new production facilities located in Adama Industrial Park, Adama, Ethiopia. The phase one development of this land parcel will further boost the annual production capacity of the Group by 5,000MT.

High-quality raw flax materials are our choice

It is KINGDOM'S tradition to use the finest raw materials and to pay attention to every detail.

Fashionable And Comfortable

Flax textile products feature warmth, freshness, rich
fragrance, healthcare, classic elegance and bright colors.

Qualities available

Linen Yarns
Semi bleach and Natural qualities from 10LEA to 125LEA counts
Organic Linen Yarns
Long fibre and short fibre yarn from 25LEA to 80LEA counts.
Linen Yarns For Knitting
Mainly used for knitted fabric using circular knitting machines and straight bar / flat-bed knitting machines, available from 25LEA to 100LEA counts
Jaspe Yarns
Single dyed function yarn in 44LEA count
Melange Yarns
Fibre dyed yarns
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